Most people accept the fact that criminals hate anything that makes them traceable, as it increases their risk of being called to account by the police and Courts.   The SmartWater Sprayer does just that, it makes criminals traceable, possibly for years, with over 95% of our customers saying that they have not suffered a burglary or robbery following the installation of a system*.

And that’s why we believe it to be the most powerful deterrent to crimes such as burglary, robbery or home invasion.

Each SmartWater Sprayer contains a unique forensic signature that is either activated automatically by the burglar alarm or, remotely, by the customer’s monitoring station. Although invisible to the naked eye, it glows bright yellow under a UV black light. SmartWater is tough and very difficult for the criminals to remove and the police only need a speck, the size of a grain of sand, to be able to prove the guilt of a suspect.  Frequently, it is the vital piece of evidence the police need to be able to arrest, prosecute and convict burglars, robbers or any other type of unauthorized intruder.


Image of convicted criminal Askale marked with SmartWater, with and without UV blacklight

It simple terms, the criminal is literally carrying evidence on themselves that will prove their guilt, potentially for years – and that’s why they hate SmartWater Sprayer so much.

The following video, courtesy of ABC News, explains how both US and UK police have used the SmartWater Sprayer to arrest and convict criminals:

This system can be used in both commercial and residential premises to deter intruders.  Distinctive warning decals are placed around the premises to warn criminals that the systems are in use, acting as a powerful deterrent.

Distinctive security decals are displayed around the premises to warn off Intruders

At this stage, the SmartWater Sprayer needs to be installed by an authorized alarm installer but they can be added to an existing alarm system relatively easily. The is an initial installation charge and then a annual maintenance fee or, if your system is being monitored, a small subscription charge to cover the cost of their staff activating the system on your behalf, if an intruder is detected.
More and more police/sheriff custody/booking offices are being equipped with SmartWater scanners, with suspects being routinely scanned.  The very act creates a powerful deterrent in the mind of the criminal as they know that there is little chance of escaping justice, wherever they go in the country.
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Key Benefits

  • Powerful deterrent to Intruders
  • Provides incriminating forensic evidence for years
  • Supported by law enforcement agencies
  • Compliant with the requirement of the US and UK justice systems
  • Easy to fit by authorized Installer
  • Water based and compliant with EPA and European Health and Safety regulations
  • No unsightly mess after activation


  • “Police Scotland continues to work alongside our communities and relevant partners to tackle housebreaking and protect people’s homes and belongings from acquisitive criminals. read more

    Superintendent Matt Richards, Police Scotland
  • “Theft of metal is a serious crime and has had a devastating effect on a large number of our customers since 2007. read more

    David Bonehill, Claims and Risk Services Director, Ecclesiastical Insurance Group (EIG)
  • “SmartWater has been central to reducing burglary in the borough of Brent and for building more confidence within our communities. read more

    Chief Superintendent Matt Gardner, Borough Commander for Brent, Metropolitan Police Service
  • “The after-sale service that SmartWater continues to provide to Thames Water is truly outstanding. As a Security Specialist I have to react very quickly to changing situations and knowing that I can rely on the support. read more

    Jon Lorimer, Security Specialist, Thames Water
  • “Our collaboration with SmartWater has enabled us to identify cable theft risks and to respond quickly to emerging trends in order to implement proactive mitigation plans, particularly through tactical deployments… read more

    Liam Sumpter, Area Director, Network Rail