sign outside Bentley Village Store

Bentley residents concerned by a rise in crime in their village have been protected by the latest property marking technology to safeguard their home and possessions.

Concerned residents voiced their opinions over a spate of recent burglaries during meetings between Bentley Pauncefoot Parish Council, West Mercia Police and Bromsgrove Partnership.

To tackle the issue, the council has joined forces with police and their We Don’t Buy Crime unit, which has helped equip every resident with a SmartWater kit to mark their valuables.

Andy Boss, chairman of the council, said: “Residents have been very concerned about the situation.”

“We have had a lot of fuel theft from cars. Since these burglaries we have had a lot more policing in the area and there is a lot more of a police presence.

“The parish council have now supplied SmartWater kits to the community. In total we have 138 kits for every single resident in the parish.

“We will have signs up to say that we are a SmartWater area and we hope this will help reduce crime.”

The technology works by assigning marked valuables with their own unique forensic code, allowing them to be traced back to their original owner.

Police say the SmartWater kits have helped reduce burglary by up to 85 per cent, while also helping to increase prosecutions by linking criminals back to the scene of their crime.

Smartwater on tools