In a UK first, Hainault Business Park in Redbridge is partnering with the UK’s number one crime-fighting company SmartWater. A partnership through which all members of the park will be issued with a free SmartWater forensic asset marking pack to protect their business assets from theft.

Each pack will include deterrent warning stickers for members to clearly display on their premises. This will supplement the additional park signage, currently displayed at all entrance points, and will clearly indicate to would-be thieves that Hainault Business Park is protected by SmartWater.

Members of the business park, will be encouraged to mark all of their assets including laptops, mobile phones and expensive tools.

The SmartWater brand is increasingly well known to both criminals and the wider community of Redbridge, as you will not have to go too far to see street signage and local police promoting the benefits of SmartWater as part of the London-wide MetTrace initiative. To date, 14,000 homes in Redbridge have received a SmartWater home protection pack and at the close of year one, of a three-year campaign, incidents of domestic burglary, across London, have fallen by as much as 27%.

Chris Wyles Chairman, Hainault Business Park states “As the first BID industrial park in the UK with this deterrent, our aim is simple – to protect our park and to make it as safe as possible for our members, staff and visitors. We are very confident that criminals know all too well the power of the SmartWater deterrent, will take note and not risk entering our members’ premises”.

SmartWater Chief Executive Phil Cleary added: “We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Hainault Business Park on this initiative. It is a fantastic example of a joined up approach between SmartWater, a commercial client and the London Metropolitan police force working together to suppress burglaries across the area”